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Squirrels belong to the family of Sciuridae. This family involves all small to medium-sized rodents. In this family there, several types of squirrels that entail the tree squirrels, ground squirrels and flying squirrels all these types of squirrels fall in the class of rodents that are able of causing diseases od damage on people, home, and lawns. The most species of squirrels that commonly contact peoples and human structures are red squirrels, gray squirrels, and fox squirrels. A fully-grown squirrel is about 30 to 60 cm long, they have sharp claws especially the pest squirrels, and their body is characteristic wit muscular since they are the vivid climber. Depending on their species their colour change and the various shades may be black, brown, gray and red. Their tail is made bushy and thick fur compare to the whole body. The colour of their underbellies is different from that of back in almost all the squirrels.


Squirrels mostly feed on nuts, flowers, seeds, fungi and herbaceous plants. Where squirrels inhibit depends on the species, some like nesting in thick forests where they make movements on the trees and leaves because they do not travel on the ground a lot. Another stay in places whereby the trees are scattered as they do a lot of movements on the ground while there are squirrels who like nesting in the tree cavities ok may construct a next using tree branches and leaves.


Nevertheless, squirrels also make their way to residential areas, and they are mostly found in homes and yards where human beings live. Especially to yards with a lot of foliage attract the squirrels because it gives them cold weather and shelter and food. Though squirrels can be very peaceful living with the human being, they can be also a very nuisance and create a lot of problems to the human beings. They can cause a lot problem in the exterior and interior of where you reside by digging up holes all over the environment when looking for buried seeds and nuts this changes the look of the environment. They also chew the barks of the trees planted in the residential area to build their nests and destroy plants from the gardens resulting in the loss to the farmers. Once they get inside the attics, they destroy them by chewing the electric wires in your home, removing the insulation and evacuating in the attic. Squirrels are also causing a lot of problems to the human being because they can transmit a lot of diseases to human beings. These disorders involve Colorado tick fever, tularemia, encephalitis, plaque and many other conditions. Squirrels also harbor pests and diseases which can result in Lyme diseases. Human should be careful with the symptoms especially after encountering squirrel feces or urine and immediately seek medical advice. These conditions can be prevented by avoiding encountering squirrel waste by wearing gadgets that will minimize the possibility of getting the disease like the use of gloves and masks. Only the trained and the professional individuals should encounter the squirrels. The residential areas affected should be sanitized to prevent the spread of the disease.


Several squirrel removal services are needed to prevent squirrels from being a problem to human beings. To know whether a professional is needed to get rid of the squirrels in your home, one should experience the squirrels making noise on the walls and the callings. Notice gnawed holes, hearing a lot of sound of squirrels scratching especially early in the morning and be able to see a lot of squirrel surrounding the building. The best efficient professional squirrel removal service is by trapping them. Traps will be set in the building, and all the entry points will be monitored so to remove the trapped squirrels after they are caught. Trapping of squirrels is done humanly especially by trained professional such that when the squirrels are trapped, they are not left to stay in the trap for so long. After catching the squirrels, their damages should be repaired permanently and in a professional manner in a way that the repair matches the design of the building. Their entries should be forever sealed in a way that no rodent can enter into them again. This is the only best method to remove the squirrels since they are very tricky the can jump, run and climb quickly. However, the are other squirrel removal services like use of toxicants and fumigant which forces squirrels out of their hiding places.