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Carl Johnson, Owner

“When you use Great Lakes Nuisance Animal Control,  LLC you will get effective pest control for homes and businesses throughout Western Michigan. Our integrated pest management programs effectively reduces pest issues by focusing on the entire problem.  We work to exclude future intrusions and most importantly, maintain a safe and healthy environment for you and your family. ”

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All inspections are performed by me, Carl Johnson licensed by the State of Michigan. I’m always attending on-going educational and technical seminars. Let’s get started getting your unwanted pest out of your life.

Almost every conflicting situation where animal damage leads to animal removal could be prevented. Whether it’s the raccoon in the chimney or attic, the squirrel loose in the basement, or an animal in your living space, there are steps you can take to minimize the chances of it happening to you. Open uncapped chimneys are an invitation for animals to enter through a furnace exhaust. Tree branches overhanging the roofline give squirrels and raccoons easy access to the building. The majority of wildlife control dollars spent each year are a direct result of human decisions neglecting the preventative actions that would keep wildlife in the wild and dollars in the bank.

Carl Johnson